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Fall 2012/Winter 2013

Volume 41
Numbers 2-3

Challenges and Opportunities for Women's Leadership


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Carol Geary Schneider
Carol Geary Schneider

A New Era of Gender Equity Work at AAC&U
Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities

For over forty years, AAC&U has been a vigorous and influential leader for women’s full participation and success in higher education. When the association launched its Project on the Status and Education of Women in 1971, that effort was part of a larger commitment to equity throughout higher education and in society at large. Over four decades later, our long-term commitment to these principles—and to women’s roles and voices as strands in the larger tapestry of what we now call inclusive excellence—remains central to AAC&U’s sense of mission, purpose, and priorities. Indeed, we will soon announce a recalibration of our mission statement that makes inclusive excellence central to our long-term leadership for the value and power of liberal education.


Judith White  
Judith White

HERS at Forty: Shaping a New Vision of Women's (and Men's) Liberation
Judith White, president and executive director of HERS

In 2012, Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) celebrated forty years of advancing women leaders and advocating gender equity in higher education. It is not a coincidence that we share our anniversary with Title IX. HERS was founded with the bold assumption that women should have a role in implementing the new legal mandate for gender equity on campus and shaping inclusive practices where exclusion had been the norm. To help build the leadership capacity to realize this vision, in 1976 the organization launched the HERS Institutes, our residential leadership development programs. Since then, over 4,300 women leaders from over 1,100 campuses have participated in the institutes and helped to change their institutions.


Kelly Mack  
Kelly Mack

Diversifying STEM Faculty: Bridging Individual and Collective Concerns
Kelly Mack, executive director of Project Kaleidoscope, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Never before has the United States’ global preeminence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines been more uncertain (National Academy of Sciences 2007). As economic development leads to improved educational and professional opportunities around the world, the country can no longer rely on foreign-born talent to drive American advances in these fields. Indeed, it is now crucial for the United States to focus on the rich but untapped talents that exist in groups historically underrepresented in STEM fields (National Academy of Sciences 2011), including women of all races and ethnicities. Increasing women’s participation is not only a matter of ensuring equity, but also of enhancing the country’s ability to innovate in these essential fields.

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